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Uber Modern Brooklyn Production Facility


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Welcome to Titan Studios ! We are a multifaceted Film/TV Production space nestled on the border of Bushwick,Brooklyn, and Ridgewood, Queens! We love creating as much as you do and we are here to help you create your vision. Creating your vision means taking what your envision when you close your eyes and making it “real” for millions of viewers. How do we do that ? We provide a creative space for visual creators of all kinds including Directors, cinematographers, Photographers, advertisers and all around visionaries. You like things big and loud. you want to be heard , seen , respected and understood. You want to change the world. You want to change the visual medium. Well so do we. We are Titan.


Upcoming Events

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Production Studio

Rent our entire studio which includes both white and green sound stages with drive in access!


Equipment Packages

We offer various equipment packages from cameras and lights , to grip and electric. If you need anything, let us know !


Green Screen

Use our 30ft x 20ft pre lit Green Screen and impress your clients!

Great Owners and an even better Studio
— 300 ENT